Advantages of Leasing

The speed of technological innovation means that upgrading becomes more frequent, and necessary. Don’t let your organisation or your customers down with outdated IT Infrastructure, speak to the industry experts at TecWallet to keep your business current.

We give you access to the IT equipment you need to meet your growth objectives! Use our solutions for a cost-effective alternative to asset procurement and reduce the burden of ownership.


Multiply your buying power and side step capital budgetary constraints
Know the monthly cost
You are not responsible for disposing of redundant technology
Scalability to grow with you
Flexible payment options

Asset Management

With our asset management tools, there’s no need to worry about managing your assets and licenses. Lifecycle management is handled for you by our team of experts, making sure your assets remain up-to-date while in your environment.

Our lease contracts come with:

Access to leased asset contract information
An asset tracking system

An Asset Manager
Comprehensive insurance & warranties 


What happens when your lease ends? Our process eliminates the need to store or dispose of obsolete equipment by making it easy to return the your leased assets at the end of the lease or during an upgrade. Our team collect, recycle or dispose of any redundant assets and our data deletion process complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act.


In-house Logistics
Software deletion
Disposal / recycling