South Africa’s answer to specialised IT Financing

TecWallet is a first of its kind in South Africa. Information technology is no longer only for big business it is pervasive throughout the full spectrum of business, educational, and non-profit organisations. TecWallet specialises in assisting entities in the procurement of the appropriate IT solution through innovative financial solutions optimising use of working capital.

TecWallet’s flexible working capital optimisation strategies for IT solutions are designed to ensure that your organisation is at the forefront of IT solutions, from an operational and security perspective. IT is not a luxury it is a game changer; customers want to know that their personal information is secure and that their orders will be managed efficiently with accurate billing and regular feedback throughout the value chain. For your organisation real time accurate information is pivotal to the success of entity, contact TecWallet now to assist with providing the best working capital solution to ensure your organisation has the optimal IT solution.

TecWallet can lease all IT components

TecWallet offers working capital optimisation solutions throughout South Africa. TecWallet looks to understand your needs from both an IT requirement perspective and the related impact on your working capital needs. Our aim is to ensure that your cost is matched with inflows of revenue and that the IT solution meets your current requirement with scope to expand as you grow.

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